Birthday Party

Posh Birthday Parties - 4 PM
Complimentary to ALL SETX pets!
First Friday of the month
We provide the cake & decorations


Our daycare staff  reinforce basic training techniques, so dogs are constantly reminded how to sit, stay and patiently wait for a treat.


Daycare is the absolute best socialization you can provide your pup with. Our program offers socialization with other pups of all breeds, sizes & personalities. Also new people, things & noises!

Play Time

Generally, a tired, well
-exercised dog is a well
-behaved dog. That helps with the cuddling when you get home.


Your dog gets bored and lonely at home all day. This can lead to negative behaviors. Daycare provides a fun but structured way to relieve energy that leads to destruction.


Our salon days are not just about your pup looking good! We also love to help make them feel good! Your pups salon experience is a pleasurable experience with Posh Pets! While your pup is getting groomed, why not turn it into a spa & play day?!?

**We are currently under going training on the latest trend in Asian grooming**

Finally! You can leave with peace of mind! Posh Pets over night is a unique and wonderful experience for your best friend. You don't have to leave and worry about your best friend being confined to a kennel with limited potty & play time while you are way.

Posh Pets offers a personal place for your pup to look forward to coming. As an owner you want the best for man's best friend. Posh Pets  daycare offers a very fun, structured place for your pup to come and get to run and play all day.  Contact us for a complimentary temperament evaluation or stop by and tour our facility at Posh Pets!

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