Please, make reservations for your dogs overnight or extended stay in advance, if possible. You may call our office at 409-794-2557 to reserve standard or VIP lodging.

The owner lives on the property so we are able to give a bedtime potty break at 10PM.In addition to having a bedtime potty break, there are security cameras inside of the building for the owner to monitor from home and smoke detectors as well. We provide music or television throughout the night and our building is kept dimly lit and is climate controlled for your pets comfort.

We do not put all dogs into one big group to play. We typically place dogs of similiar size and playstyles into groups of approximately five dogs as long as they pass our temperament evaluation and are spayed or neutered. If they do not socialize with other dogs,are not spayed or neutered, or if you prefer for them to not to socialize with other dogs they will be placed in their own play area with staff socialization only.

Our staff is trained to observe every dogs body language and recognize signs of stress or discomfort. Each dog’s play time is based on an individual basis. We want your fur baby to have a pleasurable experience. Some dogs aren’t accustomed to prolonged periods of play time or socialization. Therefore, we do not require them to stay out for any specific length of time. However, we prefer for them to remain out of their sleeping quarters as much as possible. In the event that your pup prefers or requires limited playtime, they will be given potty breaks every two hours.

We provide individual attention along with group interaction that involves both indoor and outdoor play areas. Your dog will always have access to fresh, clean water in addition to a comfortable place to rest while outside of their sleeping quarters. We offer lots of toys in addition to endless love and attention during their stay at Posh Pets. Our guests are fed at 9AM and 5PM in their sleeping quarters only. We do provide treats as part of some of our daycare activities and everyone receives a chew treat at bedtime to help wind down after a fun-filled day of physical activity.

All bedding is changed daily and clean food bowls are provided for each meal. You may pack their personal bed and favorite treats if you prefer.

We do suggest that you bring at least one item from home to be placed in their sleeping quarters to ease their adjustment to the change of environment (they like to smell something from home).


Every new dog that stays with us is given a complimentary evaluation at drop off. If you prefer for us to have a meet and greet with you and your pup in advance so that you can tour our facility and we can meet your dog, please schedule it in advance so that the owner can meet with you personally. The eval will not be done during a meet and greet.

Socialization with other dogs is not mandatory so please let us know if your pup can not socialize with others or if you prefer for them to play with staff only

Boarding guests can only be offered socialization with other pups if they are spayed or neutered, if they are not, they can still be among other pups in a seperate play area and will have a staff member as a playmate. We have multiple play yards outdoors.

We do not provide food. Allergies, sensitive stomachs, etc prevent us from furnishing a “house food”. Please pack each feeding in  individually labeled zip-lock bags with the preferred amount of food per meal. This ensures your pup is given the correct serving size at each meal. We will hand feed, and/or warm meals if needed. Please provide specific instructions regarding your dogs feeding routine.

Label everything you bring for your dog with his/her name on it. We inventory all property brought and it remains with your pup. However, in the event that something should happen, it makes identifying personal items easier for staff.

Beds are welcome, but not necessary (every dog receives clean linens). If you do bring a bed, we will cover i with clean linens. We do our best to send bedding home clean, but we do not wash beds.

We use metal only metal bowls for feeding, however if your pup needs to eat out a slow feeder or elevated feeding system, we encourage you to bring those.

We do not feed rawhide or cooked bones, as they are current health risks to dogs.

Toys brought from home are welcome. We will place them in your pups sleeping quarters.

We highly recommend not packing your luggage in front of your dog before bringing them in to board. Witnessing you pack can induce stress in your dog for many reasons. The most common reason is a correlation with you being gone for long periods of time.


Daycare is only offered Monday – Friday for all non-boarding guests.

All dogs must be on a leash or carried from the car into our facility.

All dogs must wear a nylon or leather collar with a name tag with a current rabies tag already attached. If you do not have one, we will provide a slip collar during thier stay with us.

No dog is allowed to leave Posh Pets in the back of a pick-up truck unless in a securely tied down crate.

We do not breed discriminate. All dogs are welcome as long as they are not people aggressive.


We use the information that you give us on our Play and Stay packets to give us insight into your dogs personality and preferances so that we can determine the best care to provide for them while they are here. That is why we ask you to give us as much info as you can about your dog. There is no pass or fail for your pup with the exception of the socialization phase of our eval. Whether they can socialize or not, as long as they are not people aggressive we will always welcome them to stay.

We believe it is essential to bond with your pup so that we build some level of trust in us so that they feel safe and secure in a new environment and surroundings. This is the first phase of our eval process and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. This phase is done before we ever bring them inside the building.

If we are evaluating them for socialization also, we do this in a very safe and structured process. We use two staff members and dogs are introduced in three different ways with at least two different dogs before they are allowed to play off leash in a group. Our goal is to provide every dog with a playmate, even if its only a human one!

Some dogs are not comfortable socializing with other dogs during thier first or second stay with us. We do not want to overstimulate your pup or add any unnecessary stress to them, so if they are not ready for sozialization we will always evaluate them again on thier next stay and as always, there is no charge for our evals.


A bond & trust must be established with staff before they are ever introduced to other dogs.

Introductions are given in a controlled and safe manner. They are introduced to a minimum of 2 dogs to determine any potential dislikes and preferences among other pups. This aids greatly in harm reduction.

Different breeds have different play-styles and we prefer to separate groups by play-style, size, temperament, and age.

We do not discriminate against any breed.