As an owner and former breeder of a specific breed of dogs that are highly discriminated against. I knew from experience that temperament, genetics, socialization and training are all vital roles in the developmental balanced furbaby that can truly be a positive addition to families who seek and desire to incorporate a pet with their family dynamics. With the pet industry becoming one of the fastest growing industries which combines off leash and kennel free environments available to family members creates the possibility of an unsafe and possible harmful experience. If an inexperienced and under trained owner or staff are trusted to care for and monitor our furbabies. The fact that there hasn’t yet been any regulation or certifications industry to date adds to the risks and unfortunately the amount of recommence generated from these types of facilities is often the primary motivating factors for some new business owners. Commitment to perusing industry regulations and certification requirement for staff who are responsible for the safety and well being of our pets is priority to meet standard requirements for the staff of my facility. “Treating every dog with love and respect, and caring for them as I would expect my own furbabies to be cared for and providing a safe structured place with all the love they deserve are what any pet parent can expect from Posh Pets.