Our “daycare” really is a play date!

Here your pup receives a safe, fun, stimulating and structured environment to play. Pups are off-leash and cage free with other dogs who have passed our temperament evaluation, under the supervision of trained staff. Our Posh Pups cannot wait to get into the door for their play dates! From water days, game days, bubble days, to a daily game of fetch, Posh is truly a fun experience for your pup! Numerous benefits with our program include socialization with humans, relief from boredom, prevention of destructive behavior, a chance for the dog to have fun, and a lessening of owner guilt, for those who feel badly about leaving your pup home alone all day.

Full Day – $31
Half Day – $24
Packages starting at $124 for five full days of Daycare.
Package Pricing requires minimum use of one day per week. Savings of $31 (one day free).

** swimming, nature, hikes, and plenty of tail wagging fun


Pet parents are able to leave their pups during the day while they are at work rather than home alone, and often confined to a crate or kennel. Doggie daycare is great to prevent negative behaviors brought about by boredom, lack of exercise and too little socialization. These three causes of negative behaviors can lead not only to destruction of household items such as furniture, moulding and personal items, which can be very frustrating.

In many circumstances the lack of socialization with other dogs can lead to aggression when faced with this new and often fearful situation. All of these issues often leave pet owners frustrated and overwhelmed. However, the fast growing population of doggie daycare facilities, can be the key in solving the above unwanted behaviors. Some facilities, such as Posh Pets, offer a cage-free environment with a structured, planned day full of activities that reinforce positive behaviors with interactive puzzles, interactive chew toys, agility equipment and many other activities during the day. This is all while in small play groups under the supervision of highly qualified staff.