Posh Nights:
Sleep Overs
$36 - 1 pup

$65- 2 pup family

$79-3 pup family

$59 - VIP 1 pup

$79- VIP 2 pup family

Posh Sitting - $75
Includes 2 - 30 min. in-home visits
1 a.m. visit & 1 p.m. visit

Dog Daycare in Nederland

Spa and pet hotels

Our state-of-the art facilities are second to none and we welcome you with open arms as you tour round before making that all important decision.

We know you care so much about your pup. But we have gone further to demonstrate we do also with our top notch services that ensures your pup is well taken care.

Come on board; we will be waiting for you.

Over Night Stay for your Dog

When the demand for boarding your pup develops, we are poised to handle it.

What separates us from traditional boarding facilities?

We have an open play environment with indoor & outdoor play areas, plenty of water, experienced & loving staff, state-of-the-art facility designed with dogs' needs in mind, a comfortable climate controlled facility, bedding and toys are sanitized daily, and 24 hour dog cams.
There are never additional fees for extra playtime, potty breaks, treats, hugs, kisses, blankets, pillows, or toys.
**We also have one last potty break at 10pm before bed time**

We truly believe pup parents can leave with peace of mind knowing their pup is not in a cage with limited potty breaks while away!Before your pup can stay, we require a free temperament evaluation. Pups must stay for at least 

Posh Pets

Call now to schedule your appointment: 409-853-1094

3 hours for the evaluation and must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age. If your pup does not pass the temperament evaluation or is not fixed, we have options to reserve a private suite where they will get as much out door play and potty time as other Poshpups, they just go out alone. If the temperament test is passed, then your Posh boarder will go into daycare and socialize all day with our other boarder and daycare pups.

We also require each pup be free of fleas, current on Rabies, Bordatella, DHLP, and free of intestinal parasites
If fleas are found, a flea treatment is given at your expense

Video Chat
$2/ min

There is no additional charge for extra play time or potty time. We generally go out to potty about every 45 min.

*We offer a multi dog discount and a extended stay discount.*